Peace Grace Concepts Journal Club

Welcome to Peace Grace Concepts Journal Club, where inspiration and empowerment are at the heart of everything we do. Each day, we provide you with the Affirmation of the Day, a powerful reminder of your worth and potential.

Wednesdays are dedicated to "Writing Wednesday," where we explore various writing prompts and exercises to nurture your creativity and self-expression.

Our club offers a wealth of resources to support your journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Throughout the year, we delve into different themes, celebrating "Journaling July," where we encourage you to unleash your thoughts onto the pages and embrace the art of journaling. In "Affirmations August," we dive deeper into the power of positive affirmations and their impact on shaping your mindset.

"Self-care September" is all about prioritizing your well-being and nurturing yourself with kindness and compassion. In "Organized October," we guide you in creating structure and balance in your life. During "No November," we focus on letting go of negativity and cultivating gratitude. "Detailed December" encourages you to reflect on the year and set meaningful intentions for the future.

"Joyous January" starts the year with a celebration of joy and finding happiness in the little things. In "Fearless February," we empower you to face challenges with courage and resilience. "Motivational March" keeps you motivated and driven towards your goals. "Appreciative April" is a time to recognize and appreciate the blessings in your life.

In "Mindfulness May," we explore the art of living in the present moment and cultivating mindfulness. Finally, "Jumpstart June" marks a fresh beginning, inspiring you to take action and pursue your dreams fearlessly.

Our Journal Club is a supportive community where we share daily tips, uplifting Bible verses, and thought-provoking quotes to fuel your inspiration. Engage in meaningful activities designed to foster growth and self-awareness.

We meet on Zoom every 3rd Saturday at 7:00pm to discuss various topics. 

Come, be a part of our Journal Club, where positivity, growth, and transformation await. Together, we journey towards a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment. Let the power of writing, reflection, and inspiration guide you to a path of self-discovery and empowerment.

Gain Inspiration! Achieve Organization! Write Today!