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Strength Spiral Notebook

Strength Spiral Notebook

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This simple spiral notebook is good for taking notes, grocery lists, poems etc.  It is a great gift for friends, family and colleagues to record their thoughts and ideas. A document pocket on the inside of the back cover allows you to insert important business cards, receipts or other documents for safe keeping. This is a great feature when in a meeting and taking notes.


  • 90gsm paper: together with lines this paper is perfect for writing
  • Metal spiral: Gives fancy look to the notebook and makes removing pages easy
  • Document pocket: on the inside back cover for added storage

Care instructions: Use a soft, clean and dry cloth to gently brush any dust or dirt off from the center of book outwards.


Size guide: All measurements in the table refer to garment sizes.

  One Size
Width, in 0.59
Length, in 5.98
Height, in 7.99

 Get Inspired! Get Organized! Let's Write Today! 

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